Short-day (June bearer)

Short-day strawberry plants initiate flower buds either under short-day conditions (day length of 14 hours or less) or when temperatures are less than 60oF.  Above 60oF, day lengths must be less than 8-12 hours, depending on cultivar, for flower initiation to occur.

Allstar Strawberry
Benton Strawberry
Camarosa Strawberry
Camino Real Strawberry
Cavendish Strawberry
Chandler Strawberry
Earliglow Strawberry
Fronteras Strawberry
Grenada Strawberry
Honeoye Strawberry
Hood Strawberry
Jewel Strawberry
Kent Strawberry
Petaluma Strawberry
Puget Reliance Strawberry
Rainier Strawberry
Shuksan Strawberry
Strawberry Festival Strawberry
Tillamook Strawberry
Totem Strawberry