Petaluma Strawberry

Grenada Strawberry

Fronteras Strawberry

Rainier Strawberry Plant

Rainier Strawberry Plant, a full sibling of Shuksan, is a late-season, cultivar with good-flavored, large fruit. Yields are intermediate. . . . → Read More: Rainier Strawberry

Puget Reliance Strawberry Plant

Puget Reliance strawberry plants produce high yields of large, medium-red conic fruit that is good for processing or local fresh market. It is virus tolerant. Season is similar to ‘Totem’. The plant has an erect growth habit, and unripe fruit are usually held off the ground, providing some degree of avoidance to fruit rot. . . . → Read More: Puget Reliance Strawberry

Totem Strawberry Plant

Totem strawberry plants produce relatively firm, conic fruit, which has a uniform, intense medium to dark red internal and external color. Excellent for processing. Totem plants have the potential to produce high yields (5-8 tons/acre) in the Pacific Northwest. Totem is resistant to some strains of red stele, verticillium wilt, leaf spot, and powdery mildew. . . . → Read More: Totem Strawberry

Tillamook Strawberry Plant

Tillamook strawberry plant is a high yielding cultivar, with an extremely large fruit size that is maintained throughout the season. . . . → Read More: Tillamook Strawberry

Shuksan Strawberry Plant

Shuksan strawberry plants have large, glossy bright red fruit with slightly indented yellowish red seeds. Fruit has medium-firm flesh with good flavor. It is good for fresh eating and excellent for freezing and preserves. Plant is large, very vigorous, and produces runners freely. It is virus and Botrytis tolerant and red stele resistant. Does not demand perfect drainage. . . . → Read More: Shuksan Strawberry

Strawberry Festival Strawberry Plant

Strawberry Festival strawberry plant is distinguished by the numerous runners it produces in the fruiting field, the long pedicels attached to its fruit. . . . → Read More: Strawberry Festival Strawberry

Allstar Strawberry Plant

Allstar Strawberry plant, with an almost perfect strawberry shape, is a major variety during the late mid-season. The glossy firm fruit, which holds its size very well, is an excellent u-pick or home garden choice. . . . → Read More: Allstar Strawberry