Cabrillo Strawberry

Tristar Strawberry Plant

Tristar strawberry plant produces medium to small flavorful fruit and is a favorite of home gardeners who desire good dessert quality berries all season long. . . . → Read More: Tristar Strawberry

Tribute Strawberry Plant

Tribute strawberry plant is a day neutral cultivar with medium sized, firm fruit. It is one of the most popular eastern day neutral cultivars and performs well in commercial plantings. . . . → Read More: Tribute Strawberry

San Andreas Strawberry

San Andreas strawberry plant is a moderate day-neutral with a production pattern similar to Albion. It has high quality fruit, outstanding flavor, exceptional appearance, and is especially superior to Albion in the early season. . . . → Read More: San Andreas Strawberry

Portola Strawberry Plant

Portola strawberry plant is a strong day-neutral cultivar. Fruit is similar in size to Albion, but lighter in color and somewhat shinier . . . → Read More: Portola Strawberry

Hecker Strawberry Plant

Hecker strawberry plant has commercial potential for fruit stands and Pick-Your-Own operations due to heavy production. . . . → Read More: Hecker Strawberry

Seascape Strawberry Plant

Seascape strawberry plant produces very large, firm fruit which have good color and flavor when picked ripe. They have a symmetric, medium to long conical berry with a glossy finish. . . . → Read More: Seascape Strawberry

Albion Strawberry Plant

Albion strawberry plant is known for its large to very large fruit. Fruit is mostly conical, very firm and red in color. Its flavor is very good for a day-neutral and is sweet and pleasant. . . . → Read More: Albion Strawberry

Aromas Strawberry

Aromas strawberry plant is a day-neutral cultivar which has larger fruit and produces greater yields than Selva or Seascape. . . . → Read More: Aromas Strawberry

Fort Laramie Strawberry

Fort Laramie strawberry plant is extremely winter hardy, and does well in colder areas except Alaska (Alaska‚Äôs long days inhibit fruit production). . . . → Read More: Fort Laramie Strawberry