Camino Real Strawberry Plant

  • Released by the University of California
  • US Plant Patent #13079
  • Cal 89.230-7 x Cal 90.253-3
  • Tested as Cal 94.3-11 and C213

Camino Real strawberry plant is a short day cultivar.  The plants are smaller and more compact, open, and erect, but less vigorous than Camarosa. Fruit is larger and per-plant yields are somewhat greater than Camarosa, but fruiting begins somewhat later.  External and internal fruit color for Camino Real is darker than Camarosa.   Camino Real has very good flavor and is outstanding for both fresh market and processing. Moderately susceptible to common leaf spot and somewhat sensitive to powdery mildew, resistant to Verticillium wilt and Phytophthora crown rot, and relatively resistant to Anthracnose crown rot.