Benton Strawberry Plant

  • Released by USDA, Oregon Agr. Expt. Station, Washington Agr. Expt. Station in 1975
  • OR-US 2414 x Vale
  • Tested as OR-US 2785

Benton strawberry plant is a Junebearing cultivar, named after Benton County where Oregon State University is located in Corvallis, Oregon.  Fruit is very bright, has excellent keeping quality, is conic in shape, and the has good flavor. Fruit is medium to large in size and is recommended for all parts of the Pacific Northwest. Benton appears to have excellent winter hardiness and excellent fruit quality with vigorous growth. The upright habit makes Benton a good bet for home gardeners as well as the commercial grower. It is more drought resistant than Rainier. Virus tolerant. Also tolerant to red stele. Ripens late.